I in BI

Business Intelligence is the most misunderstood term.

What is Business Intelligence? How is this different from Datawarehouse?
As there is no clear definition available, the so called pundits define Business Intelligence as the technology platform which provides for business decision making thus delivering actionable insights.

BI is one another term for Datawarehouse, both the terms are relatively the same. But just to differentiate between the two,  Datawarehouse is just the accumulation of data from the various datasources minus the analytics reporting.

Based on the survey results from CIO Magazine,  Business Intelligence is considered to be in top 3 priorities.
” CIOs  identified the top visionary projects that they are working on now or foresee implementing in the future, ranging from process improvement to taking advantage of technologies that can provide immediate and long-term financial impact, such as: business intelligence and analytics, virtualization and green IT, service oriented architectures (SOA), service management, and cloud computing.”


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